Spiritual Guidance

Teachings and Practices to

Support Your Journey of Awakening

Do You Long For Inner Freedom?

Throughout my awakening process there have been very few people I could talk with that could truly understand what I was going through. I often had to tone it down or even hide my experiences because they were too far "out there".  Many times I felt lost, afraid and alone.


I'm so grateful to have had my husband to support me and my spiritual mentor to answer questions, affirm my experiences, give direction and reassure me that everything would be OK.


Over the last 20 years I've had the great good fortune of learning from some of the most beloved spiritual teachers of our time. Today, my personal journey continues to unfold and deepen in ways I could not have imagined.


As a mentor, I teach from personal experience and share wisdom and practices my teachers have shared with me. 

If you are in an awakening process and would  like someone to talk with who will understand and provide guidance and support, I invite you to book a One-to-One Session with me now.

We can also discuss Ayurvedic diet, lifestyle and daily routine modifications that help restore balance

in body, mind and emotions. 

You're welcome to schedule a free 30-minute introductory call or email me FMI.