One-t0-One Sessions

When you're in an awakening process, having the right support can make all the difference.

I'm Here for You.

Spiritual Awakening typically unfolds in stages and is a time of profound transformation.

Although it can look many ways and each person's experience is unique, 

some hallmarks of the process include:

  • You can't relate to who you "used to be", but are not yet sure who you are becoming. Old beliefs, interests, preferences and motivation can change or drop away and you feel like you're living in the void. 

  • You question societal norms that don't make sense anymore and want to create a more meaningful and authentic life.

  • You experience synchronicities, heightened intuition or have deeper sensitivity to all of life.

  • You crave quiet and solitude and prefer to be alone much of the time. Being in groups or crowds can feel overwhelming.

  • Your Kundalini has activated and you're navigating unfamiliar territory.

  • You're experiencing a shift in perception or personal identification.

  • You have an insatiable longing to know Truth- God - Reality more than anything else.


My Support for Awakening Sessions are an opportunity to receive  spiritual guidance and holistic wisdom 

to help you ease the journey and create peace and balance within.

60-minute Sessions

Individual appointments - $95 USD

Four-session package with support between appointments - $450

For more information, please email me.

I offer a free 30-minute call to meet me and inquire further, or you can book your first appointment now.


Disclaimer: Sandra Dugliss serves as a Spiritual Mentor, Certified Ayurvedic Consultant , Yoga & Meditation Instructor and Energy Worker, offering support for your  awakening process. Sandra is not a medical doctor or licensed medical professional, does not present herself as such, and does not seek to diagnose, treat or prescribe for disease, disorder or psychological conditions. She encourages regular medical checkups from a licensed medical or mental health professional of your choice. By participating in consultation services with Sandra Dugliss, you acknowledge this disclaimer.