It's hard to say exactly when my awakening process began.

For as long as I can remember, I've been very contemplative and philosophical and have yearned to understand myself and the human experience on a deeper level. 


Later in life I developed a strong desire to heal the past, forgive my mistakes, outgrow old conditioning and evolve. The spiritual impulse drove me to countless books, courses, practices, retreats and alternative practitioners to try to satisfy what would become a relentless longing for Awakening.

One morning I woke up feeling sick with intense pressure in my head and took a walk to try to shake it off.  Barely making it home, I collapsed on the couch and began fiercely shaking and vibrating. Energy rushed through me like bolts of lightening from feet to head over and over and over again with a heat and intensity that is impossible to describe. I was overcome with nausea and my bowels emptied repeatedly. All of my senses were on overdrive and I hardly slept for days.

Truth be told, it was extremely uncomfortable and I was terrified at times. Yet somehow part of me was able to remain a calm witness to it all and knew that  I would be OK.

Having spent years on the spiritual path, I was able to recognize this was Kundalini Awakening and was fortunately prepared for it. For others, Kundalini Awakening is unheard of or misunderstood and can create a lot of fear and difficulty. Others can experience Kundalini as unimaginable bliss as it opens them to higher states of consciousness, and many experiences are somewhere in between. 

Most family members and health professionals have no idea what Kundalini is or how to support someone in this process. Due to lack of knowledge and understanding,  some people wind up in the mental health system or on potent medication that interrupts the spiritual awakening process.


This is why it is so important to properly assess your experience and receive the guidance and support you need. If you think you're in a Kundalini process, I understand what you're going through and am here to help. 

Since then, I've come into harmony with my awakening process and consider it one of the greatest blessings in my life. I've learned to let go, surrender and trust the Divine intelligence within.


Getting out of resistance and coming into acceptance of life on life's terms is a HUGE relief! So much of the "old me" has fallen away and I've released the limiting beliefs about what my life was "supposed to look like", allowing what the Universe has in store for me to unfold.


I'm much more gentle with myself, enjoy simplicity and solitude, and have cultivated a curiosity about awakening that allows for much less fear and far more gratitude, bliss and joy. I am in awe of and completely in love with life, even when it's hard.


I'd love to share what I have learned with you so that you can embrace whatever you may be experiencing and align with the incredible, transformational process that is blossoming within you. It is truly a gift that can and will transform you on every level.

My Background


I am a student of Dr. Bonnie Greenwell, PhD, who has devoted the last 35 years to researching Spiritual Emergence and Kundalini Awakening and has counseled thousands of people around the world through their process.  Due to the growing number of people having a wide spectrum of energetic and spiritual experiences, I am carrying forward this important work. I wish to help others navigate their awakening process with as much curiosity, joy and ease as possible.

I have been blessed by my Spiritual Mentor, David McClanahan, who has selflessly dedicated himself to my evolution so that I may be of the greatest service, for the good of all beings. David has instructed me in spiritual Truth and practices from many traditions and continues to support my growth as my own process unfolds and deepens.  

I am an Ayurvedic Practitioner and have successfully used the holistic wisdom of Ayurveda to nourish, ground and support myself during this transformative time.  Ayurveda offers profound wisdom for awakening and holds the keys to creating balance physically, energetically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I can help you to easily incorporate its wisdom and principles into your life and support you in many ways.  


I am also a certified Yoga and Meditation Instructor. These practices, along with Ayurveda, are of one body of ancient knowledge and are considered to be sister sciences that support the journey of Awakening. 

Additionally, I am an Usui Reiki Master, trained in Therapeutic Touch and Quantum Touch, and am a graduate of the Magdalene University School of Energy Work and Psychic Reading for Practitioners. This background in Energy Healing has significantly supported my one-on-one work with clients and allows for me to work with you energetically both in person and at a distance, if you choose.

I offer Spiritual Guidance, Support for Kundalini Awakening, Ayurvedic Consultation and
Intuitive Energy Work to assist your process and help you make progress on the path.
Appointments available from any location via Internet, telephone or in person in Portland, ME.


2019-2020  Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training, The Tenth Gate School of Yoga and Energy Healing, Portsmouth, RI

2018  Graduate, Magdalen University School of Energy Work for Practitioners

2014  200-hour Hatha Yoga Training, Wellheart Yoga School, Cape Elizabeth, Maine

2011  Ayurvedic Advanced Clinical Skills Course, Advanced Consciousness-based Healing Techniques Course, and Heart-based Meditation Instructor Certification with New World Ayurveda School

2010  Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, Kripalu School of Ayurveda, Stockbridge, Massachusetts

2009  Quantum Touch Level 1 and Therapeutic Touch Level 1 Certifications

2008  Usui Reiki Master Certification


I give thanks to my husband, Paul Dugliss, for his unconditional love and support and for being my rock throughout my awakening process. I don't know where I would be without his kindness, generosity and understanding. Our relationship has been an integral platform for my inner growth and healing.


I offer gratitude for my teachers:  Adyashanti, NeelamMatt Khan, Aureya Magdalen, and In'easa Mabu Ishtar. My life and work are infinitely blessed by their wisdom and love.


Sandra Dugliss joyfully serves as a Certified Ayurvedic Consultant, Spiritual Mentor, Yoga & Meditation Instructor and Energy Worker, offering support for your journey. Sandra is not a medical doctor or licensed medical professional, does not present herself as such, and does not seek to diagnose, treat or prescribe for disease, disorder or psychological conditions. She encourages regular medical checkups from a licensed medical or mental health professional of your choice. By participating in consultation services with Sandra Dugliss, you acknowledge this disclaimer.

Meet Sandra Dugliss

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