• Sandra Dugliss

The Nature of Life is to Grow and Change

Walking the spiritual path can be challenging and leads us into the unknown.

You can come to a point where you can’t relate to who you used to be, the things you liked to do, the people you used to hang out with or the relationship dynamics you engaged in.

I often ask myself, “Who was that person and how could I have made those choices?” The past seems so foreign to me now, almost like a totally different lifetime.

If this sounds familiar, you’re probably not sure how to be now, and it’s not quite clear how to move forward. But, one thing you do know is that the old ways of operating just don’t work anymore.

Maybe you’re no longer a high functioning multitasker because it’s hard to focus and be in the mental. Self-will and motivation may have dropped away or you experience extreme fatigue. If you’re like me, it’s been all of these at once, making for a lot of frustration, confusion and fear at times.

Although difficult to move through, these are a few of the natural shifts we can experience on the spiritual path and are actually positive signs that you are on the journey of returning home to your true Self.

It is the nature of life to grow and change. Just as your process has led you to where you are now, you can trust that your soul will continue to move you forward in exactly the right way for your unique and highest good.

Believe that better days are ahead!

Now, I’m much more content to be still. I’m grateful for a simpler life and truly enjoy silence and solitude. Societal norms aren’t of much interest and frankly don’t make a lot of sense to me anymore. I’ve become much more focused on my inner world and far less concerned with the outer.

Letting go of the old is HUGE relief! This is a much more pleasant and relaxed place to reside. That’s not to say that I don’t have a rough day now and then - I certainly do. But the day-to-day experience is much more ease, contentment, joy and inner peace.

Here are three things you can do to help you move in that direction:

1) Practice self-honesty Acknowledge and honor whatever feelings and needs are arising. This immediately moves us from resistance into acceptance. Write it down to deepen the acknowledgement and move the emotional energy behind it.

2) Open to a new perspective on what your life is “supposed to look like”

This will help you come into harmony with what is - living

life on life's terms. Letting go of old rules and beliefs opens us to Grace and many more exciting possibilities than what we can imagine through the limitations of the mind.

3) Talk with someone

Confide in a trusted friend, relative or counselor who can hold space, listen and support you without judgment. Simply feeling heard and understood can provide great comfort and relief.

This is an amazing time to be alive and having the spiritual impulse alive within you is the most precious gift. Keep going! There is no end to the depths of which we can know ourselves or the bliss we can experience from the joy of being.

With love,


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