Support for Kundalini Awakening

This Consultation Description is Being Updated. Please Check Back or Email to Inquire. Thank you.

Online Sessions are 60 - 70 minutes and include review of your paperwork prior to your appointment, any required research on your behalf and a follow-up email with a summary of recommendations.

$108 USD

A sliding scale is available for online consultations only for those who are experiencing financial hardship.

Please inquire prior to booking.

"I found Sandra through a period of spiritual emergence and development. She emanates a great deal of warmth so I asked her to do a consultation with me and I’m very glad I did. The main thing she helped me with was how to take better care of my system. Her knowledge of Ayurveda was incredibly beneficial and she really listened to me without judgement. I am very much looking forward to continuing to gain her guidance, as I feel a lot of reassurance following. It’s comforting to know there are people like Sandra out there, doing the inner work and bringing that into each situation. A very kind soul.


- John K, Dublin, Ireland

"My consultation with Sandra was a pleasure and ultimately gave me a deeper understanding of the Kundalini process. Sandra has a natural ability to pick up on the subtle yet important parts of a person's symptoms and experiences. Her awareness to my own experiences were listened to intently and insightfully responded to. Sandra's detailed explanations gave me a confident understanding of my own situation and I felt renewed from her perspective. From our meeting I can sincerely say that Sandra's knowledge of the Kundalini process is valuable as it has allowed me to move forward in a more positive direction."

- Daniel D., Wales, UK