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Are you drawn to practices like yoga, meditation, breath work and Reiki and feel called toward 

a more spiritually-oriented life?

Do you wish you could be free of old patterns and beliefs that create suffering so you can experience more joy, contentment and inner peace?

Have you had a Kundalini Awakening and need support navigating the process ?

These can be signs that you're in a process of Spiritual Awakening.

Awakening usually unfolds in stages and each person's experience is unique.


Other hallmarks of the awakening process can include:

  • You don't relate to who you "used to be", but are not yet sure who you are becoming. Old beliefs, interests, preferences and motivation can change or drop away and you feel like you're living in the void. 
  • You question societal norms that don't make sense anymore and want to create a more meaningful and authentic life.
  • You experience synchronicities, heightened intuition or have deeper sensitivity to all of life.
  • You crave quiet and solitude and prefer to be alone most of the time. Being in groups or crowds can feel overwhelming.
  • Your Kundalini has activated and you're experiencing physical, energetic, mental and emotional changes or difficulties.
  • You're experiencing higher states of consciousness or a shift in personal identification.
  • You long to know the Truth of Life and Reality of Existence.

Although any of this can create fear and uncertainty at times, this is a profound opportunity

for self-discovery and personal transformation.


I am a grounded, practical and compassionate mentor ready to listen and help guide you on your journey.

Having the right support can make all the difference.

I can help you

Ground and Nourish

Proper diet plays an important role in preparing for and supporting your physiology during an awakening process. Learn how to use the right food, spices and herbs to create optimal wellbeing with the Ayurvedic approach to

enlightened nutrition.

You can also learn meditation, breath work, and lifestyle practices that support grounding and inner stability.

Improve Sleep

Getting adequate sleep and rest is crucial for your nervous system to regulate mood, hold a higher vibration and support you in being more present, awake and aware. You'll learn the keys to good sleep hygiene and ways of pacifying the nervous system so you can receive the rejuvenating benefits of deeper relaxation and more

quality sleep.

Detoxify the Body and Mind

A clean and clear body and mind are essential during awakening and make for a much smoother ride. You can learn gentle yet effective methods to release accumulated toxins, restore energetic flow and promote the expansion of consciousness. 

Clear and Release Stuck Emotional Energy

The process of awakening requires the willingness to be honest with yourself about how you feel and the courage to heal.

Unresolved emotional pain can create blocks that cause significant discomfort and drain your vital energy. Learn how to make friends with your thoughts and emotions so you can transmute and release them to feel happier, more resolved and at peace.

Clearing and release practices can help you let go of the past so you can experience more gratitude, joy and inner freedom in the present moment.

Understand your Experience and Ease Energetic Phenomena

Learn how to release fear, relax and come into harmony with your awakening process, including Kundalini, the spiritual energy of transformation, that can rise  before, during or after Spiritual Awakening.


Manage Stress

As your spiritual life unfolds, the physical, mental, emotional and energetic changes can be challenging.

Ayurveda holds the key to holistic stress management through diet, lifestyle and daily routine modifications that promote a more peaceful and balanced way of being. 


Meet Sandra Dugliss

My Experience

It's hard to say exactly when my awakening process began.

For as long as I can remember, I've been very contemplative and philosophical and have yearned to understand myself and the human experience on a deeper level. 


Later in life I developed a strong desire to heal the past, forgive my mistakes, outgrow old conditioning and evolve. The spiritual impulse drove me to countless books, courses, practices, retreats and alternative practitioners to try to satisfy my relentless longing for Awakening

Consultation Services

Available worldwide via telephone or Internet and in Portland, Maine.

Spiritual Guidance
  • Wisdom to support your process and progress on the spiritual path
  • Clearing and release practices to help transmute emotional energy and reveal more peace, joy and inner freedom
  • Instruction in meditation and Yogic practices
  • Intuitive Guidance and Energy Work 
  • Support for Dark Night of the Soul 
Ayurveda for 
  • Use food, herbs and spices for optimal wellness with the Ayurvedic approach to  enlightened nutrition
  • Make lifestyle and daily routine modifications that can improve sleep, alleviate anxiety, manage stress and more
  • Explore methods of purification, detoxification and rejuvenation for a healthy vessel and a calm and clear mind.
Support for Kundalini
  • Get a clearer understanding of your energetic experiences and determine if you're in a Kundalini process
  • Learn how to release fear, relax and come into harmony with unfamiliar energetic phenomena
  • Navigate and align with the changes and challenges that arise with Kundalini Awakening and related shifts in consciousness

What a Few of My Clients Have Shared

"Sandra is a truly rare being, gifted with insight that has allowed me to visualize the breadth of what can open up through my spiritual journey. I feel so very blessed to have found her and to have her guide, inspire, and support me. She creates a safe and healing space, bringing patience, acceptance, and non-judgement to her clients."

- Julie S., USA

I came to Sandra for some energy work and mentorship. Little did I know the significance our sessions would bring to my life. I was completely amazed after the depth of our first session, I kept coming back. With each session, Sandra was able to help me peel back layer after layer of deep rooted internal beliefs, conditioning and fears that I did not even know existed. Her kind, compassionate, straightforward guidance and reflection provided an atmosphere of deep healing and self-discovery

- Melanie M., USA

Working with Sandra has been incredible.  I have learned simple tools for transforming emotional triggers so I can shift from being upset, to recognizing opportunities for personal growth. I always leave her peaceful office more relaxed and hopeful. If you want practical advice and effective techniques for dealing with life’s challenges, I highly recommend a session with Sandra.

- Karen P., USA


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Sandra Dugliss

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