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Timeless Wisdom and Practical Guidance for Your Process of Spiritual Awakening
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Humanity is waking up.

The old paradigm and ways of being no longer fulfill us.

We long for deeper meaning, spiritual Truth, and alleviation of day-to-day suffering.

It is time to be free from the limitations of ego-mind and know the peace, love, joy, and contentment of your true Self. 

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I offer Spiritual Mentoring based on traditional teachings, guidance I received from my mentors, and direct experience with the awakening process.

We can explore:

  • Meditation Training, Guided Contemplation, Self-Inquiry Instruction, and other practices to help accelerate your awakening process.

  • Identifying beliefs and conditioning that hold you back and techniques to surrender them and be free

  • Cultivating real and lasting happiness from within

  • Being in relationship with The Divine 

  • Holistic diet, lifestyle and daily routine modifications that support the body, mind and emotions during awakening 

  • Easing the challenges of Kundalini Awakening

  • Creating a more spiritually-oriented life


I will maintain a safe, confidential,  and enjoyable container for our work together.

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Taking care of your physiology is also a vital spiritual practice. 

I can help you establish these valuable foundations to support your awakening:

Enlightened Nutrition

Utilize food, herbs, and spices to promote optimal wellbeing, mental clarity, and emotional stability with the Ayurvedic approach to Enlightened Nutrition.

Improve Sleep

Getting adequate sleep and rest is crucial to regulate mood, offset fatigue, hold a higher vibration, integrate growth, and being more present, awake and aware.

Detoxify and Purify

Release accumulated toxins from the body-mind and restore energetic flow to promote health and the expansion of consciousness. 

Transmute Emotional Energy

Clear and release the energy behind painful thoughts and emotions so you can let them go and feel happier, more resolved and at peace.

Ease Energetic Discomfort

Release fear, relax, and come into harmony with the energetic experiences of your awakening process, including Kundalini. 

Manage Stress

Adopt lifestyle modifications that offset the stress and challenges of awakening and promote a more peaceful and balanced way of being. 

Yoga at Home

What a Few Clients Have Shared

"I re-connected with Sandra while struggling with uncertainty, isolation, and anxiety during Covid-19. We’ve met weekly for several months and I can honestly say that 2020 was one of the best years of my life. Our work has changed my perspective on many of life’s challenges.  My spiritual growth has felt both rewarding and boundless. I look forward to continuing on this journey with Sandra’s help."

- T.P., USA

"Sandra is a truly rare being, gifted with insight that has allowed me to visualize the breadth of what can open up through my spiritual journey. I feel so very blessed to have found her and to have her guide, inspire, and support me. She creates a safe and healing space, bringing patience, acceptance, and non-judgement to her clients."

- Julie S., USA

Every session with Sandra brings me closer to my best mental, physical and spiritual health. Sandra is engaged, invested and interactive in my process, guiding me and challenging me to dig deeper and look harder at old patterns of unhelpful behaviors from a place of love, kindness, and humility. Sandra has the ability to align with me at every turn of my spiritual journey, meeting me exactly where I am at yet holding space for where I am called to be. 

- Melanie M., USA

"I’ve had the opportunity of receiving loving guidance from Sandra. Her gentle spirit, her genuine caring and her ability to hear what an individual might need is a gift. Sandra has a “knowing” that she easily conveys, which is so valuable to one’s growth. I feel a sacred trust with her. She gives from a genuine place and I consider her a rare gem."

- Sharon B., USA

"I found Sandra during a period of spiritual emergence. The main thing she helped me with was how to take better care of my system. Her knowledge of Ayurveda was incredibly beneficial and she really listened to me without judgement. I am very much looking forward to continuing to gain her guidance, as I feel a lot of reassurance following. It’s comforting to know there are people like Sandra out there, doing the inner work and bringing that into each situation. A very kind soul.

- John  K., Dublin, Ireland

My consultation with Sandra was a pleasure and ultimately gave me a deeper understanding of the Kundalini process. Sandra has a natural ability to pick up on the subtle yet important parts of a person's symptoms and experiences. Her awareness to my own experiences were listened to intently and insightfully responded to. Sandra's detailed explanations gave me a confident understanding of my own situation and I felt renewed from her perspective. From our meeting I can sincerely say that Sandra's knowledge of the Kundalini process is valuable as it has allowed me to move forward in a more positive direction

Daniel D, Whales, UK

When you're in an awakening process, having the right support can make all the difference.

Whether you're new to spirituality or a long-time seeker, I invite you to schedule an appointment to explore what's possible for you. I offer a free 20-minute online introductory call or you can book your first session now to get started. 

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If you do not see a day/time on the online scheduler that works for you, please email for other options.

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Thank you.

Sandra Dugliss

New World Ayurveda, LLC

Spiritual Mentor, Ayurvedic Consultant, Yoga & Meditation Instructor, Intuitive Energy Worker

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