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Spiritual Guidance and Holistic Wisdom for Creating Peace and Balance Within

Spiritual Awakening is a precious gift of profound inner transformation.

For many, it can also be a confusing, uncertain and challenging time. 

Life changes.

Relationships, preferences, needs, desires and beliefs come into question.

Your body may become imbalanced and require special attention.

Experiences of expansion, contraction, mood swings, Kundalini Awakening and

other unfamiliar phemomena can leave you feeling afraid or alone.

During this time, having the right support can make all the difference. 

Combining spiritual guidance with the holistic health science of Ayurveda, I will help you move through your awakening process with more joy and ease by restoring balance in body, mind and emotions.


I offer you my presence and understanding, meeting you with an open heart to hold space for anything you may be experiencing.


Sessions are always confidential and tailored to your unique  needs, exactly where you are in the moment.


My wish is that you feel safe, heard, validated and understood and the guidance you receive helps you to heal, thrive and evolve.

I offer a free 30-minute call to meet me and inquire further.

To get started now, book your telephone or online appointment or email me to coordinate a time.


Important foundations for creating balance and spiritual wellbeing include: 

Grounding and Nourishing

Proper diet plays an important role in supporting your physiology during an awakening process. Learn how to use the right food, spices and herbs to create optimal wellbeing with the Ayurvedic approach to

enlightened nutrition.

You can also learn meditation, breath work and other lifestyle practices that support grounding and inner stability.

Improving Sleep

Getting adequate sleep and rest is crucial to regulate mood, offset fatigue, maintain immunity, hold a higher vibration and be more present, awake and aware.

You'll learn the keys to good sleep hygiene and ways of pacifying the nervous system so you can receive the rejuvenating benefits of deep relaxation and quality sleep.

Detoxifying the Body
and Mind

A clean and clear body and mind are essential during awakening and make for a much smoother ride. You can learn gentle yet effective methods to release accumulated toxins, restore energetic flow and promote the expansion of consciousness. 

Transmuting Emotional Energy

The process of awakening requires us to be honest about how we feel and the courage to heal. Everything eventually must be

brought to light. Unresolved emotional pain can create blocks that cause significant discomfort and drain your vital energy.

Learn how to make friends with your thoughts and emotions so you can transmute and release the energy behind them to feel happier, more resolved and at peace.

When we learn flow emotional energy we are free to experience more love, gratitude, joy and inner freedom.

Understanding your Experience and Easing Energetic Phenomena

Receive spiritual guidance to support your journey, release fear, relax and come into harmony with your awakening process. 

This can include support for Kundalini Awakening,  which can occur before, 

during or after Awakening


Managing Stress

As your spiritual life unfolds, the physical, mental, emotional and energetic shifts can be challenging.

Ayurveda holds the key to holistic stress management through diet, lifestyle and daily routine modifications that promote a more peaceful and balanced way of being. 


What a Few of My Clients Have Shared

"Sandra is a truly rare being, gifted with insight that has allowed me to visualize the breadth of what can open up through my spiritual journey. I feel so very blessed to have found her and to have her guide, inspire, and support me. She creates a safe and healing space, bringing patience, acceptance, and non-judgement to her clients."

- Julie S., USA

I came to Sandra for some energy work and spiritual mentoring. Little did I know the significance our sessions would bring to my life. I was completely amazed after the depth of our first session, I kept coming back. With each session, Sandra was able to help me peel back layer after layer of deep rooted internal beliefs, conditioning and fears that I did not even know existed. Her kind, compassionate, straightforward guidance and reflection provided an atmosphere of deep healing and self-discovery

- Melanie M., USA

Working with Sandra has been incredible.  I have learned simple tools for transforming emotional triggers so I can shift from being upset, to recognizing opportunities for personal growth. I always leave our sessions more relaxed and hopeful. If you want practical advice and effective techniques for dealing with life’s challenges, I highly recommend a session with Sandra.

- Karen P., USA

"I found Sandra through a period of spiritual emergence and development. She emanates a great deal of warmth so I asked her to do a consultation with me and I’m very glad I did. The main thing she helped me with was how to take better care of my system. Her knowledge of Ayurveda was incredibly beneficial and she really listened to me without judgement. I am very much looking forward to continuing to gain her guidance, as I feel a lot of reassurance following. It’s comforting to know there are people like Sandra out there, doing the inner work and bringing that into each situation. A very kind soul.

- John  K., Dublin, Ireland

My consultation with Sandra was a pleasure and ultimately gave me a deeper understanding of the Kundalini process. Sandra has a natural ability to pick up on the subtle yet important parts of a person's symptoms and experiences. Her awareness to my own experiences were listened to intently and insightfully responded to. Sandra's detailed explanations gave me a confident understanding of my own situation and I felt renewed from her perspective. From our meeting I can sincerely say that Sandra's knowledge of the Kundalini process is valuable as it has allowed me to move forward in a more positive direction

Daniel D, Whales, UK


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